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tv   News  RT  October 1, 2018 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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as washington hensick could be open to talks with taliban militants in afghanistan are to track down a commander of the group who rejects the possibility of any negotiations. with the leadership of the taliban doesn't want to negotiate with the americans and has never wanted this and the leadership of the taliban never gave permission to any member negotiate on their behalf. iran says it's launched missiles against militants in syria it believes were responsible for last month's deadly terror attack on a military parade in iraq. professes his love for north korean leader kim jong un. over america's hostile sanctions.
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welcome to r.t. international at me colorado newsroom in moscow first four years. after seventeen years of war in afghanistan the u.s. has once again hinted it's open to peace talks with the islamic fundamentalist group the taliban however it doesn't seem to the militants are willing to accept the offer especially considering the increasing control the groups exerting on the ground r.t. managed to get access to a taliban militant commander and raised the subject. never want to cooperate with the taliban and the taliban has never asked the americans again to cooperate against the islamic state the americans are bombing us while we fight against isis . suggestion of direct talks between the taliban and washington came from the u.s. state department on friday. this is ministration has made it clear that it is prepared to engage with and participate in the go with both the taliban and the afghan government if the leadership of the taliban doesn't want to negotiate with
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the americans and has never wanted this and the leadership of taliban never gave permission to any member to negotiate on their behalf u.s. defense secretary james mattis just had a meet and greet with the afghan president in kabul they finally decided to play nice in a bid to get the taliban down to talks but just one day before their words of peace washington dropped a big f. thirty five b. bomb on the taliban looks like the peace process is getting off on the right foot especially when the u.s. has for years led up to this moment promising both talk and terror i want to reinforce to the taliban that the only path to peace and political legitimacy for them is through a negotiated settlement to the taliban when their choices are to reconcile living a relevance for the have the taliban willing to come to the negotiating table there's no talking to the taliban we don't want to talk to the taliban we're going
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to finish what we have to finish so it's no surprise the taliban is reluctant to trust promises of peace and why would they seek it anyway in the past several months the taliban has made substantial territorial gains their spring offensive took coalition forces completely off guard seizing regions all over afghanistan over one hundred soldiers and police officers were killed in just one week of the offensive and that's not even counting last week's un report covering civilian casualties in battles between the coalition and taliban forces. on. the scene in any dust over the show all these was you can no differentiate between dollars and going to since you do it is not the first time the dog or the sibelius . time is still under the. eyes. of the world. that. you know that within the.
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americas two thousand one invasion of afghanistan hoped to oust the taliban from power but what materialized it was a seventeen year long war the longest conflict in u.s. history and now fast approaching are monumental peace talks to be held in moscow between the taliban and the afghan government but if we can confirm that we will attend the mosco conference we are waiting for the date and agenda then we will decide what can be achieved from the conference if successful these talks could mark a step forward in a conflict that currently has no end in sight donald quarter r.t. . iran says it's conducted a ballistic missile attack on a location in eastern syria the revolutionary guard claims it targeted a militant group responsible for last month's terrorist attack which hit a military parade and killed twenty five people in the southwestern iranian city of
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a. riff an auctioneer explains the story behind iran's revenge strike in syria. under the cover of night fall iran fired several ballistic missiles at what it has described as terrorist had quarters in eastern syria and says successfully with a large number of militants killed and infrastructure destroyed are in fierce prepared to deliver a decisive from crushing response to any wickedness and misty from our enemies the attack is believed to have hit north of at the syrian iraqi border not far from the city of hygene considered the last islamic state stronghold in the region three weeks ago the u.s. led coalition valves to clear the area of an estimated two thousand militants though no reports suggest that has materialized as yet iran claims the stream is from that area are behind last month's deadly attack on a military parade in iran's the deadliest in eighty years saying the missile launch
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was a revenge strike. we suddenly realized armed people wearing fake military outfits were attacking their comrades from behind the stage and then opened fire on women and children they were just aimlessly shooting around without a specific target. that passes for terrorists who had brought their guns to the area and hidden them several days ago on the cover as civilians to watch the parade then they went and picked up their guns and opened fire on people there was attack has once again flared up tensions between the u.s. and iran as teheran blames washington for facilitating the attack. terrorists
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recruited trained armed and paid by informing regime have attacked our children enjoy news among casualties iran holds regional terrorist sponsors and their masters in countable for such attacks. needs to deal with the need to look at his own home base he can blame us all we want the thing he's got to do is look at the mare a u.s. official who has recently said terrible things about the r.v. as terrorist attack and held the iranian government responsible for that attack what would americans think if we were to say such a thing about the nine eleven terrorist attacks as players in the syria conflict look to limit each other's role this latest strike is gripping the conflict in greater tensions and apprehension of where this could go next or history and international relations professor jamal wakim thinks the situation is intensifying due to moves to limit or reining in influence in the region the strike by itself has another dimension or
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a another significance using this ballistic missile of eight hundred kilometers. it's like an iranian message to the countries all of the city cities are within its reach the whole region is witnessing that aizen that then sion specially that the united states is trying to neutralize the iranians or block them from having any influence in the region western of the. freighters. after a roller coaster on off diplomatic relationship donald trump has openly professed his affection for north korean leader kim jong un. i was really being tough and so wishing i would go back and forth and then we fell in love ok no really he wrote me beautiful letters and they're great letters that was trying talking to supporters over the weekend describing how he and cam have gone from it's
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complicated to in a relationship a tale as old as time isn't it too volatile world leaders separated by thousands of kilometers first of each other's throats then over time and numerous heartfelt letters magic happens so i've received two letters from jim and kim my personal correspondence magnificent very strong letter form incredible letters a letter that i gave one i showed one of the letters just. to prime minister b. he said this is actually a groundbreaking letter so against all odds they're in love at least according to trump but the relationship isn't without its problems now is not the time to ease pressure verify denuclearization of north korean until such time as that occurs the economic sanctions the sanctions been put in place by the united nations security council will remain in place leaving one side or trust issues to diddle booked
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the perception that sanctions can bring us to our knees is a pipe dream of people who are ignorant about us but the problem is that they continue sanctions deepening our mistrust. but all hope may not be lost a second summit between the pair is still on the table but make no mistake about it there is real progress being made and we're going to continue to work at it and until the point in time where as the president says it we could be wrong it may not happen but until such time as we conclude we can't get this done we're going to continue to drive to achieve the progress continue the progress which we've already made but let's not forget how difficult getting that first date was while summit that is never the us the to put aside their differences and have a magical time in singapore.
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thank you. and well team trump years for more the norse i could be straying kim has already met with his south korean counterpart three times and to add salt to that one president man with a pair of north korean hunting dogs by p.n. yang as a symbol of the warming relationship could this spell trouble in paradise for trump . british campaign ever again ramping up claims of russian meddling in the brics it referendum on the demanding an independent probe but the latest call for an investigation into the twenty sixty votes from plenty of criticism to his honest to say check it out with the details in london. well love these campaigners a fair vote u.k. are planning on bringing legal a legal challenge to the british government demanding a public inquiry in the end to into any potential meddling in the bronx that referendum of twenty sixteen to the likes of the miller investigation in the us
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that was looking into any potential interference following trump's election there and this campaign group in a pretty. to the u.k. government has quoted irregular and unlawful conduct and among their concerns have been named russian dissin from asian data companies involvement as well as electoral spending now this comes following theresa may having already said that such a public inquiry will not be taking place because the government understands that this is quote a thinly veiled attempt to overturn bracks it brought to this we also have to add to that we've seen here in the u.k. the chief of secret intelligence service from one nine hundred ninety nine to two thousand and four basically say he sees no russian meddling in brock's it i'm pretty skeptical about whether they really intervened in the referendum in the case of the american elections i really think the impact was such as to change the
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result in the electoral college i don't think i've not seen anything like convinces me at all that the russians intervene significantly in the brics or friend well love this of course comes on the heels of bracks it on certainty not only has bracks a divided the u.k. on this matter but also create a division within the tory party government which of course has to be in charge of leading the way to brag that unlike the prime minister on fought for this i believe in it i think it's the right thing for our country i think that what is happening now is alas not what people were promised in twenty sixteen. when the seventeen point four million people voted in that referendum they wanted to get control of our loss borders and money and open the opportunities of free trade deals around the world i'm afraid the checkers deal just simply does not deliver that so i pledge to do everything that i can to make sure that we have a proper brax it. with all of these conundrums that the u.k.
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is now faced way of in terms of bracks said it really remains to be seen whether campaign along the lines of blame the russians could really be the solution to all these problems though this is a grievous insult this be levelled at the british public to the fact that seventy million people in war who voted for breaks out essentially being accused of being nothing more than pawns in more schools game. this takes a box unfortunately of the rampant lawsuits. has reached a level of a religious belief within the hearts of the village establishment that russia can no be blamed for everything that school wrong in the west or that it comes to the outrage of this liberal establishment the rise of donald trump and his ocean in the us into a g sixteen drinks into the sixty and the sure shoot the extent to which the establishment
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the liberal establishment will have media and political is an utter utter and absolute crisis. an unprecedented cold case in the u.k. could prove to be historic for the rights of chan transgender parents in the country at the center of the legal battle if a parent who was biologically able to become pregnant but at the time of the child's birth was legally a man he wants to be identified as the father or parent and says that not being allowed to do so violates the human right to privacy and family life british law states however that he must appear is the biological mother on the birth certificate i'm not preventing them from receiving child welfare benefits among other issues as well let's bring in now peter tatchell our longtime human rights activist and also political commentator david vanstone the malcolm to the program peter to you first of all to many people they who give birth is regarded as the biological mother why is it a such a problem for that to be on the legal document that states
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a child parentage. well first of all let me say that the number of people in this situation the number of formal women who become trans men is very very very tiny so we're not talking about any large numbers of the question is would it be a reasonable accommodation to allow in this instance for the person to be named as the parent rather than the mother now the fact that traditionally it's always been the mother that's named that's just a tradition. and indeed you might say it's a very bad tradition because surely both the mother and the father should be named but in this instance this person this trans man is asking for an accommodation which would allow him to be named as the parent i don't think he can reasonably ask
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to be named as the father because quite clearly he was not the biological father but i think to be named as the parent is a reasonable accommodation in these circumstances in a david and in many parts of society we're playing catch up i'm trying to understand if i make sure all sympathetic to transgender issues but here we've got the child has a passport but can't be issued a birth certificate at this stage so you got one set of government lawmakers saying yes legally a man but the father and another saying no it's the law that's not playing catch up probably here isn't it. well if we're playing catch up it seems to be playing catch up with on reality i mean i'm not even sure why this is a legal kiss the fact of the matter is that a woman gave birth to this child just like every other birth in the history of mankind has been to a woman no then if subsequent to the birth the person concerned chooses to
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re identify themselves as whatever well that's her business it's not really my my concern but you cannot then retrospective flea choose to a re is reality and substitute something which is pitney not a fact the woman gave birth to the baby the passport should make it clear on the birth certificate should make it clear that this child like every child throughout history was born to a woman noid why is that so difficult for some people to understand and it's not a question of as peter said this applies only to tiny minority this is an absolute fact only women can give birth to kids therefore the correct. birth certificate classification is mother. david you don't think that your simplifying it to making it sound like this person is just change to suit him just
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changing their name for the sake of it this is someone who's gone through a medical procedures and legally now identified as a different gender. well you see again it's interesting that you sort of you ask that question of me. if you want to get into the issue of exactly what transgenderism is but that's a different topic you know but i mean one could equal or one could argue that just because someone goes through surgery in this case so that they can see themselves as a man. doesn't actually make them a man or vice versa you know by law. speaking you know your d.n.a. is a wee bit more significant than just some degrees of surgery so i am in no way or trivializing this but what i'm doing is i muchly speaking up for the child because it's the child's right to have a mom and dad on their birth certificate that's surely central to this not the not the. not the if you like the vanity of someone who wants to go through in their
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mind some form of gender identification the child should come first. this is a fair point isn't it because at the moment a child doesn't have a birth certificate that may be other legal ramifications for however long this goes on for so no matter how long lawyers want to argue over this the child is going without child welfare payments well yes quite clearly the matter needs to be resolved and resolved strictly the question this case raises is who should be on the birth certificate shouldn't necessarily be a mother or father or could it just be a parent i would think that it's not really important for legal reasons or any other practical reason why has to be a mother as opposed to a father or a parent so i'm just saying that tradition has that the mother is named on the birth certificate but why stick with tradition why why not just be make
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a reasonable accommodation in the small number of cases to acknowledge this person of the parents of the child will know that this person is their parent legally as well as in reality david what does it matter for you what it says on that piece of paper because if you've got we've had single parent family for a long time women have raised children alone men of raise children alone same sex couples raise children yet. yes and this is absolutely with all due respect nothing to do with out this child worth where the judge to find in the way that peter suggests this child would become the first child in the history of this country on a bi believe anywhere else who on their birth certificate the word mother is missing so just consider this for a moment as that child matures and grows up. as that child's friends talk about their moms and their dads and they are asked the inevitable question on who is your mom and when power and print birth certificates
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are shown as the in or inevitably or can you imagine the cycle arm psychological damage that this would impact that child and that's another reason why this is an absolutely abhorrent suggestion but because of the wishes of the adult a child's entire future should be so distorted and so much potential psychological damage done who's vanity is being put first here. it all started out very becoming up for the person who when that child grows up when they have to get their birth certificate out for whatever reason it's been years since i brought up the dust mite vellum off to show my birth certificate but when they show the birth certificate says father no mother at my local was a forged document is an accurate document it could cause all sorts of problems. well i mean i think the important thing is that we do have to think of the child's welfare when a child reaches an appropriate a where they can understand the issues of course the
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parent in this case will explain everything to that child and i'm sure that you know the child will probably find it different and unusual but as we have seen with same sex parents children get a handle on things pretty quickly and they're not must fussed about traditions or orthodoxies what they care about is love and if this parent loves that child that will be the paramount thing in their life and we know that if this and many kids don't. sorry peter i was just going to say however surely if the parent loves the child then i have no reason to doubt that the parent doesn't pater or other such parents but surely the ex the correct way to express our love is the simple recognition is that a time of birth it was a mother that gave birth to the child thoughts the love isn't that why should love
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be imposing a different set of views on a on a defenseless innocent child that but no say over what happens love means accepting reality surely. well i think love is about you know a parent's commitment and care for a child. what's on the birth certificate really doesn't affect that love and commitment but you are absolutely right the child's welfare must come first and for example we know that when the first same sex parents were having children a lot of people predicted dire consequences for of course children immense psychological damage if they had two mommies or two daddies now all the research is being conducted in this country in scandinavia than on states and australia has shown that young kids born into same sex families very quickly adjust and accept the reality and understand in fact some of them even boast to their pet friends
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you've only got one mommy i've got two so i think perhaps in this case hater but we have children who are actually rather proud of their uniqueness. or we may have very damaged children on the point is to go back to your point peter and those instance that you that you've mentioned were same sex couples regardless of the configuration the child was all was born to a woman simple biological fact you know what i mean that's not being judgmental it's being it's being it's a fine dish and the fact that we must not be we must not run away from just because it might hurt some people's feelings at the end of the day doesn't matter of the sexual. preferences of the parents the fact is every child is born to a mother and if the u.k. were to start to change that i believe that could be a very dangerous and slippery path and there for that's why i hope the judge will absolutely uphold the fact that the child has been born to
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a mother why are we even arguing about this. well you say a slippery path a slippery path to was given that it's a tiny tiny number of people a tiny tiny number and it is correct that there have been some trans men in a similar situation have given birth and they have accepted that they should be named as the mother so this case is unique and it's different but i think the number of instances that will be involved in a similar circumstance is so so tiny we should not get hot heads up about us and we should just make the accommodation but i. get it peter peter the law is not be asked on on exceptions the law must apply to all you just can't operate it the way that you'd like to so the fact of the matter is that this child was born to a woman and there for the birth certificate should reasonably reflect that reality
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that's how it was and that's and that's how it is for everyone peter that's how it was for you for me for all of us we were all born to women it's remarkable that we're not being asked to consider that in the small certain percentage of cases this may not actually be what happened it is i'm actually standing now you know defending reality there's no set on real. there's no suggestion that we deny the reality simply acknowledging this person's request to be named as the parent so the child will still have that brought into existence of a get a recognized parent so that will give them that assurance that legal status that this person is their parent just won't be named as the mother or the father it's a slight difference and redefining it but it is slight it's slight. but david but most of those couldn't reach affirmation of what happened well yes but that's what happens in law throughout the ages doesn't it one hundred years ago women weren't
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supposed to be able to vote but the lord changed to allow it and in the sixty's and seventy's there was discrimination against all sorts of paid. law had to change to reflect that but i don't know if there's any different yeah i got a second yet one hundred years ago women still give birth to children on one hundred years later women under one hundred years time women will continue to do the same this is essentially trying to twist and contort the fundamental scientific realities namely that women give birth to kids and to try and you're suggesting. say well for reasons of modernity and moving on we should set aside reality sorry at the end of the day facts are facts women give birth to children that said peterson has a very that she just has no one is here splitting that we can't. no one is suggesting we set aside reality we're simply saying that the person be named as the parent that's not that's not the naing motherhood or the fact of the birth it's
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actually just simply saying this person wants to be known as the parent. just just quickly moving the word mother that's the point is that this in many regards the entire transgender narrative seems to have in its crosshairs the actual actually women mothers in this case or being as peter peter just said this let's remove mother from the birth certificate and replace it with something more more nonspecific such as parent but mothers give birth the kids sorry spoiler alert that's how it's been that's how it's always going to bay or a no one minds of debate are going to change the biological fact although saying that the courts had to decide on issue were supposed to be decided last month but it hasn't been yet we'll keep watch on that now though peter tatchell and david vance are really appreciate your time this evening. thank you and that's it for this hour i'll be back in thirty minutes with your next world news update from the
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international way of moscow. as a zombie bank plagued that spilled over to zombie corporations what is a zombie bank is i mean bank is a bank that is technically insolvent it's kept alive by bailouts continuing rolling bailouts from the central banks because of their friends in the other the banks the commercial banks the lawyers the ages p.c. b.n.p. the citi bank they're technically insolvent they're going to live in a zombie to the perpetual rolling a bailout they call quantitative easing or some other name that they come up with every few months. join me every first week on the alex simon short and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.


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